You Get In The Car, And Return To Your Trial To Choose Your Sentence…


Start at the beginning.
Start at the beginning.

You are gasping for air, unable to continue running. You crumple to the ground, disappointed in yourself. Disappointed that you couldn’t outrun a Prius of all cars. Disappointed that you had to run in the first place. As you raise your hands in surrender, the Prius pulls up alongside of you and stops.

Suddenly, you are being pulled into the car by a massive monstrosity of a man. As he does so, you notice that Zhang Jike is in the front seat of the yellow car being driven by Barovir, the League Deliverer of Justice. As you duck your head quickly to prevent it from hitting the car door frame, you see Zhang Jike again nod and give you a thumbs up. “Ummm, okay, that’s weird,” you think.

You settle into the back seat, next to the hugely proportioned guard who was taking up more than his fair share of the seating. You try to remain calm, but inside you are a mess of adrenaline, fear, and anxiety.

You keep your mouth shut and Barovir breaks the silence, “I wish you would have chosen the mission we had for you. We had such high hopes for you and your skills as a Finder. This was the last chance that the League would let us give you, especially since the debacle with the Crystal. “ He pauses for a second, maybe to give you a chance to respond, but when you do not, he continues, “ Since you have refused to take advantage of our help, the other League members have chosen the backup Finder to complete the mission. You are now left with a decision, do you want to play ping pong for the rest of your days? Or make a paper clip chain?”

You hang your head, willing yourself not to cry. How could this be happening to you? You think about it for a moment and resolutely make your decision, “I will make the paper clip chain.”

You are driven off in the Prius to the Dungeon to spend the rest of your days putting paper clips together in a chain. But there is a glimmer in your eye as you go. You see, you know how to pick locks, and the paper clips are perfect for the job….


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Written by Jenny at And Three To Go

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