If You Continue Throwing Away The Box And It’s Contents In A Fit of Rage…


Start at the beginning.
Start at the beginning.

You pick up the invitation and get even more upset. It feels like a smack in the face after all the humiliation you had to endure last year. The fiasco with the Legion of Wizards was enough to make you want to run away from anything that was contained in the box that you now hold in your shaking hands.

Suddenly you remember who put the invitation there and get even angrier. Your sister, Carly, had always been the one to stand by you and encourage you. “So why did she do this? What was she thinking?” you think to yourself, working yourself up even more.

Without opening it, you pick up the box roughly, making sure to pick up the crumpled invitation with it. You walk as quietly as you can down the hallway so as not to wake your family.
You tiptoe out the back door of the house, making sure to stop the door from opening to the point where it always creaks.

You walk quickly down the street. You are determined to get rid of the stuff in your arms, but it cannot be in your family trashcan. Your parents might see the box and ball of paper sitting on top of the trash and get curious. The thoughts of the past fill your mind and carry you on with determination.

Suddenly you notice that you have already made it a couple of blocks from your house. You see a trash can on the street up ahead and start jogging towards it when you feel someone behind you.

As you turn around, you notice three figures in dark robes stealthily moving towards you. Much faster than any normal human could go. Before you have time to think, you react:

If you attempt to run away from the figures, click here.

If you attempt to speak with the figures, click here.

To start over, click here.

Written by Jenny at And Three To Go

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