Hotter than Hades and Other Phuket Stories

It has been literally hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement here in Phuket the two months. There was  a Facebook post from the local English newspaper, Phuket Gazette (shared in April) that someone actually cracked an egg on her balcony and it cooked, albeit it took 5 hours, but still…! It’s hotter than Hades I tell you! Well, maybe Hades is a bit more uncomfortable since it is for eternity and all.

It's HOT out there folks!
It’s HOT out there, folks!

This hot weather has not been conducive to doing anything much more than sitting in front of a chilly a/c and hoping that rainy season comes soon. I want to fill you all in on what’s been going on when I can move my overheated self because I miss talking to you guys. So here is:

A week in the life of Jenny in Phuket Thailand May 2016

(It must be really amazing because I used my heading1 font…)

(getting less amazing as the sentences go on… Sorry I couldn’t resist…I better start in… )

I still exercise 6 days a week, 3 of those times outside in the heat. More sweat is okay with me during exercise, but the rest of the day? No thanks. Exercise keeps me sane and alleviates the anxiety and panic attacks that I sometimes experience, especially during busy work times like this. I am running around (hah, no pun intended) trying to accomplish so much, but I always take time out to get my blood pumping. I can take any stress for the rest of the day, if I moved my butt to start it off. (By the way, do not ever look on stock photo sites for “sweaty”… it is disturbing, that is all.)

As I mentioned a little above, I am swamped with work and am so thankful that I am getting some awesome projects and learning so much along the way. It is so true that one can learn something over and over but until they do it themselves, with their own hands, it’s almost useless. I  am definitely learning more and more and LOVE it! Website Design and WordPress for the win!

Z goes to school 3 days a week and absolutely loves it. For anyone here in Phuket, if you are reading this and you want a recommendation for a great school, contact me here.  Z loves school and already at almost 5 years old, she is reading level 1 books, counting in English and Thai, has starred in all the dramatic works of the school shows, and has so many wonderful friends and caring teachers.

Chad is working as well, still slinging delicious Craft Beer here in Phuket with the help of Beervana. Chad (if you haven’t read any of my earlier posts) is not only a beer drinker, but is a brewer, and is quickly becoming a true beer aficionado. He’s perfect for the job.

15332974041_6a97cdbb88The newest and most energetic member of our family, Jingle, is bigger than I ever imagined and keep us on our toes. He is a chewer and even though I have tried to train him well, he has us trained more. Nothing is ever left out when we leave the house that is not specifically made to be in his mouth. The furniture, you ask? Oh, we booby trap it with chairs so he can’t get up on them to chew them. He is just now a year old (I Know! So fast!) and he is still a pup, but we love him. He is so gentle and is attached to Z whenever she is home. Wherever Z is, that is where Jingle wants to be.

z and jing
Z and Jingle, never far apart

So, that is pretty much my life here lately. It just goes to show you, that no matter where you live, regular day-to-day life is very similar.  Except for maybe the intense heat that is Phuket right now. If you would like to see more of my life here, follow me on Instagram, I am posting at least one photo a day of my life in Phuket.

Leave a comment and tell me what you have been up to lately! Any travels that I can live vicariously through you, or for that matter… rainy days? What’s a week in your life look like? Let’s chat!
photo credit: Fried Egg via photopin (license)

photo credit: Southern Tier Warlock; Element Red Giant; Infinity Saison; Otter Creek Overgrown via photopin (license)

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