Monday Montage: Help Needed

I am sad to say that this is another not-normal Monday Montage. Recently I posted about the horrible bombings in Bangkok and today I am writing about a terrible event that is presently happening in the area near where I grew up.

California has been experiencing a devastating dry spell this past year. Lakes and rivers are drying up. Rain has been scarce. What has been left is dry tinder just waiting for a spark.

The spark happened and now acres and acres of land, homes, and businesses are burning uncontrollably in Northern California. They are calling it the ‘Valley Fire’. Massive amounts of people are now dealing with loss of all their belongings, lost pets, lost homes. and lost livelihoods. Personal friends of mine and their families have been affected by the fire, it is bad.  I cannot even find the adjective to show how bad. The damage is drastic and so many people are now left with absolutely nothing. The govenor of California has declared a ‘State of Emergency’.  The National Guard has been called in. The brave fire-fighters have been and are still struggling and losing in the battle against this blaze. It is out of control!

Please Help!

Please check out Love Lake County if you are in Northern California and would like to donate supplies or offer your home as a place for displaced families or pets.

Please pray for them, or visualize the fires stopping, or whatever you can do to send positive vibes in that direction. Keep the whole area in your thoughts. This is truly devastating to so many in Northern California. Those affected need your love, prayers, and thoughts!

If you would like to donate money (which is very much needed as well and is what I will be doing), you can donate using Redwood Credit Unions website.


 Redwood Credit Union
Via Redwood Credit Union


For anyone reading this that is in Nor Cal, please leave a comment if you know of any other ways to help or give. I would love to share it! Thank you!

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