Glimpses of the Past

Recently I have been uploading all my millions thousands of photos into Google Photos and what a glimpse into the past it has been. So much fun in these past few years since we have left the States!  It makes me want to travel more. Luckily we are getting the chance! America this year and maybe Singapore or Kuala Lumpur… All three have amazing food and things to do, so I am stoked!

I have been saving some of the photos that I love along the way of the long process of uploading that many photos (think hours and hours in the background of work and Facebook). So I am sharing them today! More adventures are on the way, so more stories will be told soon.

Glimpses of the Past:

That is it for now, but I have not gone through all my photos yet, so be prepared for some more photo posts! I hope that all is well with you and that life is grand and you are getting the chance to travel this year! Leave a comment and say hi! xoxox.

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