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As I have said in previous posts I am not very good at researching on the internet. I am constantly overwhelmed and feel like the words and pictures all start to blend together into one big blurry sentence that says “Stop wasting my time Jen and just ask Chad”. No, really, I swear that the computer tells me to just give it up and let the pro handle it for me. I can’t let myself believe that I am the only one that has such a helpful and insightful computer, or that has a hard time finding helpful information on the vast internet. I am really blessed to have a husband that is incredibly helpful in this area and has a talent (because it really is just that, a talent) for finding the best sites on traveling (and anything else for that matter). For those of you out there that are like me, I wanted to share a couple of the sites that Chad has found for me.

The first website I want to tell you about is an amazing find and I use it to answer almost all my travel questions and concerns. BootsnAll has all the resources on one site that a world traveler could need. BootsnAll is incredibly easy to use and has information on family travel, indie travel, and round the world (rtw) travel. It also has very helpful and useful forums and twitter chats. This site has been our go-to website while we are deciding where to go and what to see when we get there. If you are planning on traveling check out this site, actually, even if you aren’t planning on traveling check it out. But be forewarned, you may get the traveling bug from reading the insightful and fun articles written by travelers and looking at the gorgeous pictures of far away places.

From the BootsnAll forum I (meaning Chad) have come across a thread about blogs written by families that are traveling around the world. This forum post was started in 2008, so some of the blogs haven’t had a new post in a few years, but their tips and stories are still valid and helpful. Some of the blogs are still going though and I have enjoyed reading the archives and subscribing to them. One of these blogs is Part Time Nomad which is written by a fellow traveling mom originally from northern California who has been living in Taiwan for the past five years and traveling with her two children as she can. Her articles are fun and organized and very helpful for anyone traveling with children.

I also like to use Lonely Planets website, their travel guides are a good starting off point for any place that you are thinking of traveling. Their guide books have always been our main source of information for the countries we have traveled to in the past. Nowadays it seems really difficult to carry around books while traveling. So when we (yes Chad again) realized that Lonely Planet now has an app for the Iphone or Android where you can download the books right onto your phone! You can also download them right into your kindle or other e-reader. I jumped for joy when I found this out! Well, maybe not really jumped, but I definitely felt like I was on the inside. This means so much to me because I can fit an extra pair (or two?) of shoes in my bag instead of having to carry heavy books everywhere! I love it!

What websites, apps. or books have helped you while you were traveling or planning on traveling? Leave a comment if you want and help me out (give Chad a little break maybe). Thanks friends!


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