Flip Side: Best Burgers in Phuket

I know this may come as a surprise, but I love delicious food! And one of my favorite foods has always been a big, sloppy burger. I think of hamburgers as an American staple and there was a severe lack of good ones here in Phuket. That was until I found Flip Side Beer and Burger Bar.

Photo Courtesy of Flip Side Beer and Burger Bar

Flip Side recently opened in Rawaii, on the southeast side of Phuket. It is the go-to place for me when it comes to burgers and beers (ok, ciders for me, beers for Chad).  The quality of their ingredients, their creative menu, and their excellent service, keep me coming back for more.


Tom, the owner, is always helpful and accommodating. He even helps us please our picky toddler and will make special dishes not on the menu just for her. He has made his restaurant a fun and comfortable place to hang out and eat, or just have some drinks. Flip Side is right across the street from the ocean and there is indoor and outdoor seating that is almost all covered and with fans to cool down with. It is definitely a place you should try!

The Patio
The Patio
The View
The View
The Indoor Area

First, I will give you the details about Flip Side, and then I will inundate your computer screen with pictures of some of the excellent dishes at this drool-worthy restaurant.

*Disclaimer-I was not asked to review this restaurant, I simply love sharing when I find great food! All the opinions are my own. So go try it, I think you will like it. If you don’t, well everyone has their own opinions. Different opinions makes the world more interesting. For more information on our legal stuff, go to our Disclosure page.*

Restaurant Name: Flip Side Beer and Burger Bar

Address: 469/4 Viset Road, Rawaii, Phuket

Price Range: Moderate


Here are some of the dishes and drinks that we have enjoyed at Flip Side (and waited to eat long enough to take photos of):
IMG_3734This is one of my favorites! The “Naked” burger, a hand-ground and seasoned hamburger patty with lettuce, tomato, pickle,  and onion. A side of awesomely salty Belgian fries accompany it with homemade ketchup. Delicious!


This is the “El Mariachi”, a hamburger patty topped with homemade guacamole, nacho cheese, nacho chips, salsa, cheddar cheese and jalapeños. Chad got this with a side of parmesan fries (which I didn’t get to try *sad face*).


This is the “Hot Shot”, which is packed with mature cheddar cheese, jalapeños, homemade buffalo hot sauce, and sautéed fire breather chilies. Accompanied by the lovely Belgian fries and a Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA perfectly matches the spiciness of the burger.

And one must not forget that accompanying beverage is very important as well, here are a couple of our favorites:





I was going to add more pictures from Flip Side’s Facebook page, but I figured you are probably all hungry enough by now so I wouldn’t torture you. If you do want to see more pictures of the delicious fare offered there, make sure to check out their page.


Now it’s your turn! What do you think of hamburgers? Are you in Phuket and love Flip Side as well? What is the strangest topping that you like on your hamburgers? Leave a comment and join in the fun (before you run off to grab a flight to Phuket to try out these burgers)!


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