Escape – The Theme Park

by Chad R. Mitchell
Disclaimer: Escape did not request this review. We received no monetary or other compensation. All opinions expressed are those of the author. For more information, please see our disclosures

We love theme parks, especially the Disney variety. We enjoy the fun, the rides, and the food. We are well aware they are an escape from reality, and that by attending them we are fueling the machine that drives the entertainment industry. We are okay with it…

However, during a recent trip to Penang, Malaysia we had an opportunity to visit a different sort of amusement park. We did our usual research about things to do, with kids, and found out that there was indeed a theme park on the island! Imagine our disappointment excitement when it turned out the parks central theme was not of the cartoon variety. All kidding aside, we were very intrigued by a theme park that billed itself as a “…departure from the conventional ideas of roller-coaster rides, and sugar coated fantasies.”

Escape – in a name it is perfect. It prides itself on being what other theme parks are not: Ecologically friendly, activity focused, and all ages friendly. The park is a work of art, designed to use the trees that are in place, and the local environment as a playground. There are different levels of activity for all ages, and all of them are designed to get the body moving! And move you shall! I don’t think any of us have ever had so much fun while exercising… And if a park can make us enjoy physical exertion, then you know we were having fun. I know Jenny loves to exercise, but I love to play, not be forced into a setting where the exercise feels like work.

The video up top is essentially a glowing review of our time at Escape. I could go on and on and on about the food, the various “rides,” and the fun of running around this park, but I’ll let the video do the talking. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is a bunch of pictures, so it has to be better than many thousands of words… right?


Entrance fee: (worth every penny!)

  • Future Kids ( Below 4 years old ) – FREE
  • Junior Kids ( 4- 12 years old ) – 45 RM
  • Big Kids ( 13 – 60 years old ) – 60 RM
  • Super Kids ( Above 60 years) – 45 RM


  • Open Tue-Sun 9am-6pm
    …and Monday when it’s a holiday.
  • Ticket counter CLOSED at 4:30pm

Don’t Forget:

  • Must wear sport shoes. (They rent them cheap! 10RM with socks!)
  • Outside food and drinks are strictly not allowed, even your own tumbler or water bottle. They have a wide variety of delicious food and beverages available.
  • Locker rental, showers and dressing rooms are available for you.


  • Safety is their number 1 priority and they take it very seriously. We encourage you to read their park rules before arriving.
  • ESCAPE is a SCAM FREE tourist destination in Malaysia. (They mean it. No scams.)



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