Monday Montage: Driving in Phuket

Driving in Phuket can be stressful, or exciting depending on my mood. One thing that is constant about driving here is that you will always see something bizarre. Sometimes it is something as cool as a monkey in a sidecar, but most often it is just someone driving on the wrong side of the road, or seeing a multitude of people on one small scooter. Despite the fact that I have now been driving here for 7 months, I still feel like a new driver every time I get behind the wheel.

Someone asked me recently what driving here looks like, so I decided to take our car camera (we have it always on while we drive in case of accidents) and download the video to show you all. This is my first time putting something I recorded up on And Three To Go, and luckily Chad knew how to make it blog ready! I would have been completely lost on my own.

Happy Monday! And stay safe on the roads out there!


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