Doubt, Fear, And Where Do We Go From Here?

Change presents an exciting opportunity for adventure. Change is something to enjoy, learn from, and grow into. Change comes to us all in many forms. To some it is as monumental and overwhelming as choosing a new pair of shoes. To others it is as simple and easy as a new home.

For us it comes in the form of a journey. A journey outside of our comfort zone. To foreign shores, far from family, and without a means of income.
For many this may seem radical. A departure from any usual change. A daring and extreme venture.
Not to mention that we are doing it together, with a child. A child not yet two years old.

And somehow this seems exciting to me. I am thrilled at the prospect. I am absolutely sure this is what we are supposed to do, where we are supposed to go. I have the confidence, the surety, and fear nothing. All the chips will fall into place…


The fear of the unknown.

The lack of courage.


The truth is that I am terrified at times. I am doubtful. I do lose heart. I look for excuses to give up. To say, “never mind,” and to cash out. I’ll stay here, I say to myself, I will settle for the normal.
The usual way, the safe way, the steady path.

But nothing in life is a sure thing. Nothing.
Not today, not your job, not your life. You control absolutely nothing.
There is no such thing as a guarantee.

There is something better.

Faith, hope, and trust in The Almighty.

For all of life’s gains and losses, tragedies and calamities, and terrifying cliffhangers, there is one thing I know. That it does not happen without reason. That we are being guided by an unseen hand. And He will not let us fall.

So why not try for the impossible? Why not silence the fears, the doubts, and the insecurity. This is an exciting world we live in. And the only way we’ll find it is to step outside our door and experience what is offered.

It is hard to leave family. It is very hard. And I do it with much hesitation. But I can’t let the hesitation get in the way of what we have the opportunity to do.

We were not given a spirit of fear.

One of the biggest fears of leaving is the health of our daughter. We can suffer far more greatly than she can. I wonder what the medical conditions will be, and if I will be able to give her the care she needs, if she needs it. Hopefully she doesn’t.
I believe she won’t. But we must do all we can to make sure that is not a problem. But once again it isn’t a sure thing. No amount of planning, care, and insurance can protect against every possible future.

Live in faith.

Travel is a daring venture to some. It is easier to leave, with a rubber band tied securely to your waist so you can return. To see without comprehending, touch without feeling, and hear without understanding, is not a way that we desire to venture abroad.
I believe we are called to experience more.

Give deeply and pursue what your heart tells you.

We aren’t leaving simply for the thrill of doing something extreme. We aren’t following our own selfish desires. I believe this is something we have been called to do. I believe that there is opportunity that awaits… And that we are uniquely positioned to do something… well… unique.

So I step outside of my gut wrenching panic attacks and remember that living in faith means not being afraid. For they cannot coexist.

Take a walk with us… On this wild ride… Into the unknown…

I hope we can be an example of just how far one can go when you leap off the ledge.

Chad Mitchell
(Note: I am father to Zoë, Husband to Jenny, Son of Robert and Jean, Brother to Rebecca, Paul, Ryan, Jacob, Jonah, and Carli, and follower of the Son of God. I am working with my wonderful wife to add content to her eloquent blog. This is my first essay. More practical pieces to come soon. Thank you for reading.)

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