Cost of Living in Phuket, Thailand 2016

Cost of Living in Phuket, Thailand 2016


When one of my favorite bloggers posted recently about the cost of living in Seville, Spain, I thought it would be fun to join in! Much credit to Kemkem at Next Bite of Life, as she let me borrow her great idea for a blog post. You MUST go check out her blog and leave a comment saying I sent you over! I would love to show her how many people went and read her post after mine since she so kindly let me copy her idea.


So here it is:


 **All the amounts are in Thai Baht, which at the time of publishing was about 35 baht/$1 USD**


Cost of Living in Phuket, Thailand – Rent:

Depending on what you want, you could spend anywhere from 10,000 baht a month for a studio condo to 100,000 baht a month for a pool villa with 5 rooms, a live-in maid, butler, and driver.

We pay a little more than 30,000 baht a month for a 2 bedroom villa with two kitchens (one with a dishwasher and an oven!), a gigantic pool, large garden, and a separate guesthouse.

There are quite a few areas of Phuket that one could live, some are more expensive on average than others. We live on the southeast side of the island and love the area.

There are three main divisions of the island with different towns and subdistricts within each of those.

The Three Districts of Phuket:

Finding which one you may like takes some time and research. I would suggest if you do plan on staying in Phuket, trying out a couple of areas and renting places short term until you find the area that you love.


Again this completely depends on what kind of place that you rent. A condo will be cheap as you will probably be using only one a/c and probably not be paying for a pool pump or anything like that. We get our electric bill every month and our amounts vary depending on the time of year, it can be anywhere from 4000-11,000 baht a month depending on how much a/c we have to use.  Electricity is used for everything in houses here: a/c, the water pump, all cooking and baking appliances, and all the usual suspects like fridges and such. It adds up unfortunately.

Our water bill is FREE! We have a well so we don’t pay a water bill.  When we did in our last house, it was around 250 baht a month. Water is fairly inexpensive here (though honestly it probably should be). Mind you that you cannot drink the water here, so drinking water prices are not included in this (they are only about 400 baht a month).

Extra Costs:

We pay an extra 4,500 baht a month for gardeners twice a month and a pool guy twice a week.


Cost of Living in Phuket, Thailand  – Health:

We have an international insurance called MSH from France. We pay about $2500 a year USD, for all three of us. They cover us everywhere for up to 3 months (except America which has a dollar amount that they will not exceed) They are excellent. When I had to have my appendix removed in October, I didn’t have to pay a cent. So different from America and their sickening (no pun intended) overcharging for healthcare.

Outpatient care is not covered by our insurance, but if you go to any of the medical clinics nearby for little issues, you won’t pay more than 2000 baht for a visit and medicine.


Internet and Cable:

We pay 1200 baht monthly for our Fiber internet. Our phone plans (for IPhones mind you) are 499 baht a month, with 4G and 8GB of data a month. Over that and I think it is 99 baht for each GB more.


Cost of Living in Phuket, Thailand  – Transportation:

We own a truck (buying cars here is expensive, so if you can buy one off the island of Phuket, somewhere else in Thailand it will save you lots of money). Petrol/Gas is about 26 baht a liter, so about 130 baht a gallon. We pay about 2000 baht a month for gas, but we drive a lot!

Registration yearly is about 2000 baht and insurance (depending on the coverage you want) is about 8000 baht a year.


Cost of Living in Phuket, Thailand – Beauty:

This is where Phuket, well all of Thailand, really shines!

I get my hair bleached and styled every couple of months for about 4500 baht (but she is AWESOME!!!).

I get pedicures at least once a month for 300 baht.

I get a massage once a month if I can for 500 baht an hour.

Waxing every couple of months costs about 1500 baht.


Cost of Living in Phuket, Thailand – Pet Care

Vet costs are incredibly low here, most vaccinations cost about 300 baht. To get our pup neutered cost 2500 baht (we found out later that was a bit pricey, we could have had it done cheaper at other vet clinics).


Cost of Living in Phuket, Thailand – Food/Entertainment:

Between buying groceries, eating out, and other fun things (wait…are there other fun things besides food?) we spend between 10,000-15,000 a month. But that is not the standard for most people here. I love good food and Chad loves great beers.  Also, I spend a lot of money on good organic produce and goods to make meals at home, which adds up. If you wanted to live on the cheap, you could get excellent little Thai meals at food stalls all around the island for about 80-100 baht a meal.



So there you have it. Mind you, there are so many different ways to live here in Phuket that the cost of living can vary greatly. These are just the costs that I have experienced.

*Disclaimer-I was not asked to review or support any company in this post. Any opinions written in this article are completely my own. *


Think you might want to move to Phuket? Want more information or have any questions? Comment here or send me a private message! 

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