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While on our  recent trip to Bangkok I finally had the chance to take Z to the Children’s Discovery Museum. I had been wanting to take Z there since a trip we had taken to Bangkok a year earlier.

Children’s Discovery Museum has numerous areas that encourage learning and fun for all age children. It has a career area, a science area, a splash pad, and an archaeological dig for dinosaur bones. And it was COMPLETELY FREE.

The museum is located near the Chatuchak Weekend Market  so being a kind of lazy traveler lately, we hopped in a taxi to get straight there from our hotel in downtown Bangkok. The drive took about 40 minutes. I had packed Z’s swimsuit (SPLASH PAD!!!! WOO HOO)  and figured we would grab some lunch when we got there. I had assumed that there would be some sort of store or cafe at the Museum… I was wrong. Make sure to pack some waters and snacks, the walk to a restaurant is about half a kilometer away.

We made it!
We made it!

Chad was with us for a little while before he had to run to a business meeting, so we did a quick walk around the buildings to see where we wanted to go first. We went into the science building first, which was the  way to the dinosaur bone dig. We played around with a couple of the science exhibits and then were told that Z was too young for that area and that we should go to the Rainbow area. We were kind of bummed but went to the dinosaur dig first. We dug and dug, all three of us were determined to find a bone, a rock, anything… but we came up empty and eventually gave up. It was fun though and was worth a try.

By the time we had finished with our digging, the schools started to show up. Classroom upon classroom of students of all ages started to revolve through the buildings. I had assumed that this would be the case since it was a free museum and a great field trip really for classes. It was not surprising but I was a little disappointed that they would not allow us into any other buildings except for the Rainbow area. Z was 4 1/2 years old at the time of our visit, I know that some of the science exhibits were completely within her grasp, but they still would not allow her near them.

Chad had to go, so Z and I excitedly ran up the stairs of the building which housed the one area we were allowed in. It turned out to be an area where children could “try-out” different careers. There was a grocery store, news station, car tire repair shop, veterinarian office, airplane, space shuttle, etc. Z gravitated towards the stuffed animals in the Vet office first, then to the Space shuttle, then the airplane. Then the classes came in… and our time was done. Every time we would try a different career, we would be shooed out. Each area had a certain number of costumes, baskets, etc. and if Z went in with the carefully split up classes, there would not be enough of the props for everyone. It made me really sad to have to explain it to here the first few times, so we took a break and went and had some lunch at the JJ Mall nearby.

The splash pad at the museum ran for one hour twice a day. We quickly ate so that we could get back in time for Z to play and cool off running around in the water. This was the highlight of our time at the museum. Watching Z’s face as she ran through the water was so much fun for me.


From there we went to the Imaginia, which completely eclipsed our not so great time at the Children’s Discovery Museum. Overall, the Children’s Discovery Museum was a little bit of a disappointment. Though I think I would love to take Z back when she is 7-8 years old, and possibly during a weekend, so she could experience the whole museum.

Do you have a Children’s Discovery Museum in the area that you live? Tell me about it in the comments. 



*Disclaimer-I was not asked to write about the Children’s Discovery Museum, and all opinions in this post are completely my own. If you want to know more about the legal stuff associated with my blog, check out my Disclosure page. *

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