Chad here. Checking in. Sharing thoughts. Making Plans.

Hey! This is the man who is fortunate enough to be by Jenny’s side on this great adventure. Thought I would share a few things…

One of the most painful parts of leaving is telling others we are going. It is hard for many reasons. Most often it is hard because of the sadness, anger, and guilt that is returned. Usually from friends and family.
Sometimes I opt to run away, shut up, and be silent.
That is not an option when it comes to giving notice at a place of work.
And I work at a most unusual company.
Amy’s Kitchen is family owned and operated. They produce organic, frozen, and delicious meals that are microwave friendly. It is a place I genuinely feel part of. I sometimes consider myself family.
I am a systems administrator for their IT department. Computers and technology have long been my career. It pays the bills, keeps me interested, and offers a promising future. In my unique position I am also asked to assist the owners with their technology needs… in addition to dealing with the usual IT related issues of a major corporation.
Amys Kitchen
Because of this, I am often in close communication with the powers that be and their families. I enjoy their company and I value their input. Amy’s grandmother, Eleanor, has been of significant help in encouraging me to finish my writing. She is one of the most unique and interesting people I have had the pleasure knowing. Amy is amazing as well, and her parents, Andy and Rachel, run the company and treat their employees with the respect and kindness not found anywhere else.
I tell you this not to gloat about my own self-importance, or to tout my own credentials. I tell you this because I find it painful to tell them that I am leaving.
Yesterday was spent driving around the county, frantically preparing some last minute items for the trip they are about to take to one of Amy’s international locations. I realized they will be gone for several weeks and that it would be the last chance I would have to communicate with Andy about my leaving. I really wanted to let him know, as they have been so encouraging and generous during my employment. I didn’t want him to hear second hand, and I didn’t want to tell my immediate supervisor without letting Andy know first.
I had thought long and hard about telling him this for many months. But each and every time I thought about approaching him my mouth went dry. So I panicked, and kept silent. It is frightening to leave such a good position and I was afraid of the reaction. I hate to disappoint.
But yesterday I had many opportunities to admit the truth. And I had prayed that if it was meant to be I would be given such an opportunity.
But I waited, and I waited. I talked about other things. About work, about their travels, about new iPhones. I dallied and I delayed.
It was as I was packing my bag to leave, and my hand was upon my keys, that I finally found my voice.

And the conversation took place.

And it went… better than I could have hoped!

I can’t say much just yet, but if I had a dream, and if it involved Thailand, and travel, and writing, and possibly continuing my work for Amy’s abroad, then maybe, just maybe all could be a reality.
I believe in communication. I believe that I must speak to be heard. That doors will be opened if I simply speak and listen in return. This world is full of opportunity. And if I don’t ask, if I don’t speak, then I will never hear what may be right within earshot.
More details to come later. I can’t wait to tell you more. It is all working together for good.


I wrote this piece Saturday. Today the fantasy became more of a reality. I spoke to my direct supervisor. He also had ideas about working while traveling… And we are working up a plan. Details to come soon. Life is amazing.


P.S.  Stay tuned for another feature of this blog we are working on.  We are looking into reviewing products that we have found to be useful. The first up is a small backpack, just the right size for a wee little one!

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