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Though I am not writing, I still am here

I am no longer writing about our travels and expat lives here in Southeast Asia, but I wanted to give any future visitors an easy to find article that will show you how to find where we have been and how to contact us now. Even though I am not writing any new posts, I am still available for questions… Read more →

Imaginia Bangkok

There are not many playgrounds that I am willing to play on with Z. I admit it. I am not one of those parents that fancies playing with my preschooler. I love cooking with her, making crafts together, and chatting with her. But playing on a playground? No thanks. I would much rather let Z run around with other kids or her… Read more →

Back and in the Future!

2016! Happy New Year! It’s here! A new year! A new start… and supposedly it should be way more futuristic, right?! I know it is a total cliché, but I continue to hold out hope for a kitchen that does all my cooking with the touch of a button. Or clothes that fit themselves to ones body… that sure would… Read more →

The Post Where I Shamelessly Market Myself

I promised myself that I wouldn’t start this post off with “Have I got a deal for you!” but I guess that even in telling you this, I already have. Well, I guess I am not the best at marketing myself. Oops… For some time now I have been going on and on mentioning that I was ready to start my… Read more →

5 things that I hate about travel

by Chad R. Mitchell Lately I have been feeling a bit different about this path we have chosen. The life of the traveler is always an adventure, but sometimes the adventures grow old. Sadly, when I feel frustrated, or exhausted, I have the terrible habit of blaming those around me, rather than examining the real reasons I am down. Or… Read more →

Resubscribe to the new site!

Hey all, Just a quick note/request for those of you that were subscribed to our blog. We may have lost your subscription during the move and we’d really appreciate it if you’d use the form at the site ( to resubscribe! Thanks all!   Read more →

The Truck-Reblogged from Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife

For those of you who would like to donate to help those affected in the Philippines, I think that this is a real option. It is a way to help and truly know where your donation is going and how it is being used. Read more →

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