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Taco Bell Breakfast – Delightful Disgust

America: Part 2 of 3 By: Chad R. Mitchell “Don’t you tell me you’re full Just eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it” Weird Al Yankovic – Eat it America is synonymous with food. Greater, grander, more, and more… Just eat it all, eat it now, and don’t stop eating. Providence has provided this country with an overabundance of… Read more →

You’ve Gotta Know When To Hold ’em- Our Casino Night

Last night we partook in a guilty pleasure of mine that I haven’t done in a long time. We went gambling! Here in California (USA) gambling is illegal, unless the casino (or gaming facility) is on Native American land. It’s a long story as to how that came about, but if you are interested you can read about it here.… Read more →

Friday Food Review: Kopitiam

This week in my Friday Food Review series I want to tell you about Kopitiam by Wilai.  There has been much written on this amazing restaurant already, but I love to share when I find a place that has food so wonderful. Located in Old Phuket Town on Thalang Road, Kopitiam by Wilai is one of the many reasons to visit… Read more →

Friday Food Review: Hua Soi – The Best Place for Lunch in Phuket

I love food. I especially love Thai food. I know that comes as a surprise to all of you. But food drives most of my days. Thinking about where we will eat for lunch or dinner is most often the highlight of my day. So for the next few Fridays, I am highlighting my favorite places to eat here in… Read more →

REVIEW: Sea Harmony Guesthouse

By: Chad M It has been far too long since I have written anything for our blog. Jenny has been keeping it going full steam, with the occasional edit or hastily snapped picture being my only contributions. It has long been my intention to write more, to be a stronger part of the blogging process, but I have been remiss… Read more →

Review: High Sierra AT 6

Backpacker on Wheels High Sierra Wheeled Duffel Backpack review (AT6 32”) The backpacker mentality dictates that one shall never use a wheeled bag or else be considered a sell-out. To be honest the idea of giving up a backpack caused much consternation on our parts. We really wanted to keep to the core, with only what could fit upon our… Read more →

Traveling With a Toddler: 5 Apps That Will Save Your Life

Okay…I admit that I exaggerated a bit in the title of this post. But, for anyone that has traveled with a toddler, it can seem like life or death sometimes (cue dramatic music). How much stress can one parent stand before we keel over, am I right? Whether you go on a quick road trip, a 10 hour flight, or… Read more →

Review: Hostel w/ Children – Travellers House

Travellers House – A Luxury Hostel Experience   One of the challenges of traveling with a toddler is finding a place to stay. There are thousands of hotels, guesthouses, and sublets that accept children, but almost all of them are pricier and less “indie” than the backpacker favorite known as the hostel. Unfortunately most hostels aren’t as willing to let… Read more →

Review: The Unexpected Expected.

The Unexpected Expected – By CRM There are two things that happened on the island of Curacao. Or rather there are two distinct things that happened concerning food. Food is a favorite subject on this blog, Jenny and I love to eat our way around the word, and we love to experience a place by sampling the local cuisine. Having… Read more →

Review: The OGIO Doppler Toiletry Kit

A Well Fitted Bag: Welcome to our second product review. This is a short take on an essential item. As mentioned in the previous post we will be using the “Baby Thumbs”™ system to rate our products. 5 thumbs up being something we found to be excellent in all areas and 1 being something we would urge against purchasing. The… Read more →

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