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Wednesday Write-Up: Liebster Award #2

Katie at Views From The Step Stool kindly nominated me for a Liebster Award almost a month ago and I finally have gotten a free day to participate.  Make sure to check out Katie’s blog as she always has great posts about fun and educational things to do with kids. Even if you do not have kids of your own yet,… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: Versatile Blogger Award

I am a bit behind on this, but in April I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Mark at Better late than never, right?! Mark writes about life, sports, entertainment and does it with a humor and candor that keeps me reading… make sure to check him out! Here is what I need to do to accept… Read more →

Monday Montage: Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day here in America. It is the day that we honor and celebrate the fallen soldiers that have died in the service of our country.  I pray for the family and friends left behind of those soldiers throughout the history of my home country. On this day some are visiting grave sites of their fallen family members. My heart… Read more →

Let’s Go To The Hop: A Writing Process Blog Hop

This week I was tagged in a Writing Process Blog Hop by the lovely, ever interesting, and thoughtful Terri at The Homeschooling Doctor. She is ever expanding my mind’s capability with her articles on eating and living with a whole foods lifestyle. She makes me reminisce about my homeschooled childhood with her articles on homeschooling her three (soon to be four) children. And… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: Thank you, Thank you!

I was quite excited and honored to find out a couple of weeks ago that I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by the wonderful blogess, Mummy Flying Solo!  sure to check out her blog, her positive attitude in her posts are contagious and her humor and insight will leave you hooked. This award like the other two I have received… Read more →

Wednesday Write-Up: WordPress Family Award

A few weeks ago I was honored to be nominated for another award! It is called the WordPress Family Award. Fanni at The Blackberry Boys was kind enough to nominate me. Make sure to check out her blog, she is raising two adorable boys in Hungary and blogs about being a parent, some creative things to do with kids, and also… Read more →

Wednesday Write-up: MY FIRST AWARD!!!!!!!

This week I had the incredible excitement and honor of being nominated for a Liebster Award by  The Blackberry Boys. Fanni is a fun and crafty blogger who writes about her two boys (Blackberry #1 and Blackberry #20) and their lives in Hungary. It is wonderful… Make sure you go check it out! So, there is a ton of information on… Read more →

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