Catching Up and Getting Ready

It has been a rainy week here in Phuket, well rainy with bits of time that are hot as hades. Lucky for me the hellish heat has given me enough time to do some laundry. I know, it is an exciting life I lead, right? But really it is! And it is even going to be more exciting in the coming weeks. But this week, I have done pretty much nothing out of the ordinary, so this is a great point for some catching up! Let’s chat!

As I mentioned, my Mom is making the long journey to come see Z… Ahem…I mean me, Chad and Z. During the time she is here, we are going to be traveling around, showing her the beautiful area where we now live (Phuket), and celebrating Z’s 4th birthday!

It is just crazy to think that my little ZZ will be 4 years old! Not only that, but she has lived outside our home country of America for half of her life. She doesn’t even remember America except as the place that her grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins live. She knows she is American, but her home is Thailand. I love that. I hope she loves it just as much when she grows up, but time will tell.

Seriously! Look at how little she was when we left the States!
Seriously! Look at how little she was when we left the States!
Such a big girl now. :)
Such a big girl now! 🙂

So I have been preparing for my mom to come visit, nothing too strenuous as our house is pretty set up for visitors already. So far this year we have had visitors come stay with us three different times, and 2 other visitors come to see us, but not stay with us. I am so happy that people are starting to take us up on our offer of a place to come and stay and even more important, SEE US!

The most difficult part of living abroad is missing family and friends (and Disneyland… yes, I am serious), so when they come and visit, it is fantastic! I want to show everyone why I love Thailand so much, and the only way to truly do so is to show it in real life. I can share pictures, but really my pictures are so sub par in comparison to reality (well, mostly just sub par in general). I miss all of you, so get your butts over here!

And now I have started rambling… And begging for people to come visit (JUST DO IT!).  I guess I should probably stop before I start embarrassing myself or something.

Next week, I am taking next Friday off to spend some time with my Mom (eek! I am so excited!) and explore Phuket with her, but make sure to come back here on Monday for my Monday Montage! Have a great weekend everyone!

Now it’s your turn! What is the farthest you have had to travel to visit a friend/family member? Would you rather live close to family, or at a distance? Leave a comment and join in the conversation!


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