Monday Montage: Camera

I got a new camera for my birthday! It’s a Cannon point-and-shoot and fits easily in my purse, WOO HOO! This means that I have been trying it out and taking it with me everywhere. So far I am loving the ease with which I can take pictures and the quality of them. Now if I could just learn to take good ones, ha! This week is the first week that I am showing some of the pictures.  Hopefully I will get better and better at it (who cares that I have to take 100 photos to get one good one right? Thank God for the digital age!).

Blog of the Week


Life, the Universe and Lani is written by a fellow expat, who lived for many years in Northern Thailand and has just recently relocated to Siem Reap, Cambodia. She writes about expat life primarily. I love her witty and often melodious articles.

Lani has also written a book that is a MUST read! The Missing Teacher is a memoir about her time as Waldorf teacher in the USA. It starts out with a bang and had me the whole way through. Seriously, I have not read a book that quickly since I had Z. So go buy it, and subscribe to her blog!



Pictures of the Week

A girl in the shadows
A girl in the shadows
Z loves salmon roe... this kid has some amazing (and expensive) taste.
Z loves salmon roe… this kid has some amazing (and expensive) taste.
And some Ebiko for good measure.
And some Ebiko for good measure.
Compulsory selfie with the new camera.
Compulsory selfie with the new camera. This is way harder than with my phone. It’s like traveling to the past!


Now it’s your turn! Have you written a book you would like for me to read? How about a blog post/article? Leave a link or comment and lets share!

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