Calling all Cat Lovers: An Afternoon at the B Cat Café

Missing your cat while you are here in Phuket on holiday? Feel like you want to play with cute kitties while you snack? Well, then you must visit the B Cat Café in Phuket Town!


I admit, I have never been a lover of cats. To be honest, I have always been a little scared of them, mostly because my mom was allergic to cats and so they were a thing to be shunned my whole childhood. Then I married a man (Yes, Chad, of course) who is also allergic to cats, so there was no option of trying to fall in love with our feline friends.  I thought it was just one of those things that I would live without… that is until I had a daughter that loves cats (and dogs, frogs, laundry soap bags, you know whatever she can make a pet).

Z’s love of cats has had to be kept in the closet, until we noticed the B Cat Café in Phuket Town. So on our last mommy/daughter day we ventured to this quaint and kitschy looking place.


There are two sides to this establishment. There is the B Shady Restaurant, which is cat free and serves food and drinks. The menu offers western and Thai food at pretty fair prices. I ordered a set with chicken wing soup, fried papaya salad, and fried pork balls (I was unaware a set was enough for two people) and a little cheese pizza for z. I also ordered a Thai iced tea simply for the fact that they served it with whipped cream! Yummy! All of this cost about 350 baht (about $11 U.S.) and left us both stuffed!

The only thing I would say about the B Shady Restaurant is that there is a distinct cat smell, despite the cats being separated into the cafe next door. It took a moment to get over, but I figured it comes with the fact that we chose to go to a CAT cafe.

After Z and I were stuffed to the gills, we ventured to the other side of the building, the actual B Cat Café. There was a list of rules posted by the door that were mostly common sense, but it was good to go over them with Z. There was also a sign that said to enter and hang out with the cats, you had to buy a piece of cake for every two people. And another sign that said a drink is only for one person… not sure about that one, but I guess maybe people have ordered one drink per group in the past or something?

The rules for interacting with the cats in the cafe.
The rules for interacting with the cats in the cafe.

Anyways, Z and I removed our shoes, put on the slipper they provided for us and entered the cat area. First impressions, it was cute. And surprisingly didn’t smell as much as the other side which I found odd.  The decorations were fun and obviously cats of all kinds. There were tables with comfortable armchairs and tables with pillows on the floor so you could sit with the cats if you so pleased. We chose the floor and waited for some feline fun.

Z and I ready to play with some cats!
Z and I ready to play with some cats!
Z loved her Power Puff Girls slippers.

Now for the cats, there were only 5 cats, I kind of figured that the place would be crawling with them. And because there was a group of people playing with them before we got in there and because cats sleep all the time, they were barely moving. One of the rules of the café was that you could not touch the cats if they were sleeping, so poor Z waited as patiently as possible to have a cat play with her. I think next time we will go in the morning so she gets first crack at playing with the kitties.

We ordered a coconut crepe cake, which was so delicious, but was just too much for our full tummies. So we had it wrapped up for takeaway and played around with the many hats and cat toys for another hour or so, hoping that the cats would want to hang out more. They didn’t, so we decided to come back another day.

Overall,  B Cat Cafe was a fun time, Z really enjoyed it. We will go back, but like I said, will go right at opening time. Also we will just go into the café side and have cake instead of stuffing ourselves on lunch first. Life is short… eat dessert first, right?!

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever been to a cat café? Would you go to one? Are you a cat person? Do you know if cats ever play? Or do they just sleep?  Leave a comment and join in the fun!


*Disclaimer: B Cat Cafe did not ask me to review their business. All the opinions are my own. I just love to share about the cool places I find along our travels. For more information about our legal stuff, go to our Disclosure page*

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