Blame Britain: An Excuse in Three Parts

By Chad R. Mitchell

Yes. I was supposed to write my final America post tonight.

Yes. We love to travel, power through, travel some more, and write blog posts about it.

Yes. I am about to make an excuse as to why I am not going to write my blog post on this fine Friday.

Still fabulous after 4 hours of sleep!
Still fabulous after 4 hours of sleep!

It’s due to 3 long days of travel, one long day of work, and a very tired Thursday evening.

It’s because as much as we love the road, it sometimes takes its toll.

It’s because I want to write a good post, not just filler.


There is more we will have to say soon, from Britain.

And it will involve the good ol’ American pastime of fishing. Yeah!

And to those who don’t like my excuses, or those who don’t like fishing… I say… let ’em eat cake!

So fresh and healthy...
So fresh and healthy…

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