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Travel days come and travel days go…

Hey Everyone! I am writing this excuse for my wife. She really wanted to power through our long travel days and write a blog post, but I could see in her jet lagged eyes that she deserved a break. So, here I am, once again. Figuring I would quickly fill you in on our happenings… Tokyo, Japan: What a trip.… Read more →

This is Songkran!

The truck ripped around the corner, almost taking me with it, but with one free hand I held the roof tight. I squinted past the sweat dripping into my eyes, and saw my assailants waiting for me. They lined the corridor as we rumbled into view. I aimed down my sights, and tapped the trigger. Too soon, I thought… too… Read more →

Resubscribe to the new site!

Hey all, Just a quick note/request for those of you that were subscribed to our blog. We may have lost your subscription during the move and we’d really appreciate it if you’d use the form at the site ( to resubscribe! Thanks all!   Read more →

Phraya Nakhon – Cave of Wonders

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell As the boat rounded the small jetty, we got a splash of sea water. The captain righted his course and pulled around toward the bay. The sandy beach lay before us, its white sand sparkling in the afternoon sun. Being on the East Coast meant that the… Read more →

REVIEW: Sea Harmony Guesthouse

By: Chad M It has been far too long since I have written anything for our blog. Jenny has been keeping it going full steam, with the occasional edit or hastily snapped picture being my only contributions. It has long been my intention to write more, to be a stronger part of the blogging process, but I have been remiss… Read more →

The In-Betweens

The In-Betweens By Chad (filling in for Jenny) A thought occurred to me during our travels, one that had entered my head before, and one that I continue to have. It was a small nagging realization that the best parts of travel are not the monumental, nor the breathtaking, nor the phenomenal. Instead the best parts are those that almost… Read more →

Review: High Sierra AT 6

Backpacker on Wheels High Sierra Wheeled Duffel Backpack review (AT6 32”) The backpacker mentality dictates that one shall never use a wheeled bag or else be considered a sell-out. To be honest the idea of giving up a backpack caused much consternation on our parts. We really wanted to keep to the core, with only what could fit upon our… Read more →

Review: Hostel w/ Children – Travellers House

Travellers House – A Luxury Hostel Experience   One of the challenges of traveling with a toddler is finding a place to stay. There are thousands of hotels, guesthouses, and sublets that accept children, but almost all of them are pricier and less “indie” than the backpacker favorite known as the hostel. Unfortunately most hostels aren’t as willing to let… Read more →

Review: The Unexpected Expected.

The Unexpected Expected – By CRM There are two things that happened on the island of Curacao. Or rather there are two distinct things that happened concerning food. Food is a favorite subject on this blog, Jenny and I love to eat our way around the word, and we love to experience a place by sampling the local cuisine. Having… Read more →

Review: The OGIO Doppler Toiletry Kit

A Well Fitted Bag: Welcome to our second product review. This is a short take on an essential item. As mentioned in the previous post we will be using the “Baby Thumbs”™ system to rate our products. 5 thumbs up being something we found to be excellent in all areas and 1 being something we would urge against purchasing. The… Read more →

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