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Imaginia Bangkok

There are not many playgrounds that I am willing to play on with Z. I admit it. I am not one of those parents that fancies playing with my preschooler. I love cooking with her, making crafts together, and chatting with her. But playing on a playground? No thanks. I would much rather let Z run around with other kids or her… Read more →

The World’s Your Oyster-Bangkok 2016

There is no thought of Bangkok  without the lyrics of “One Night in Bangkok” which was sung by Murray Head rattling through my brain a few million times. I found the singers name  from Wikipedia.  In all honesty, I have never known who actually sung this life-changing catchy song. Okay, I am exaggerating a little and already getting way off… Read more →

Phuket to Hua Hin: Road Trip!

There is nothing like a long road trip to make me feel like I am truly exploring an area of the world.  This is not always possible as one is traveling the world, but now that we are semi-permanent residents of Thailand, and have a car, we are embracing this way to travel the country. The first road trip we… Read more →

Monday Montage: One Last Time

Happy Monday… or should I say I hope it’s a happy Monday? I always look forward to Mondays myself because Z goes back to school and I can work out for an extra long time. I know, I know.. sometimes I surprise myself at how exciting I am. I will say though that walking around a reservoir near Nai Harn… Read more →

Holiday Catch-Up

Well, the holiday season is officially over unless you follow Z’s theory that Christmas is a part of  New Years and that it is still New Years because it lasts for 20 days. Where she gets this stuff I have no idea, but it is pretty cute hearing her explain it to you. Regardless of my  4-year-olds theories of holiday timelines,… Read more →

Back and in the Future!

2016! Happy New Year! It’s here! A new year! A new start… and supposedly it should be way more futuristic, right?! I know it is a total cliché, but I continue to hold out hope for a kitchen that does all my cooking with the touch of a button. Or clothes that fit themselves to ones body… that sure would… Read more →

Monday Montage: Christmas Prep in Pictures

Last week I talked about how I was feeling about Christmas, which is coming up in 4 DAYS!!! Holy crap, this post will have to be short as I am totally unprepared gift-wise and need to get my rear-end to the mall asap! So without wasting more time, here the pictures that show some of the ways that we have… Read more →

Christmas is Coming: An Essay

It’s getting closer and closer…. Christmas!  To some of you, this may be really exciting, others may feel even more stressed out, and some may feel ambivalent. I am always a little bit of each. Now that we live in Thailand, it takes even more of an effort to make Christmas special. Being a primarily Buddhist country, Christmas seems to… Read more →

Monday Montage: Time for Lunch

I am currently writing this while waiting to go to lunch. Where will we go? Ahhh… that is the eternal question in our house. There are so many amazing and inexpensive places that finally deciding on a place is so difficult (#firstworldproblems I know). I think we have finally come to a decision though and are on our way to… Read more →

Three Things NOT to do in Phuket

Here in Phuket, Thailand most of the things to do are centered around the ocean and beaches. Diving, snorkeling, boating, and many more things along those lines. There is much more to do in Phuket and I have written about some, you could check out the Phuket Tin Mine Museum, or the Phuket Town Walking Street, or the Aquarium. These… Read more →

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