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‘Ask Jenny’ is a series where you can ask me about our travels, logistics, parenting on the road, my life before travel, or whatever else you have a question about. I will post a call for your questions on Twitter and Facebook, or you can leave your question(s) here at the end of my post. In a month, I will write a post to answer one (or more) of them. The only rule I will have is that the questions be kind.

What a fun-filled time of year it is! This week was Thanksgiving for all of you back in America, and now it is exactly a month until Christmas! Oh my, where does the time go?

Not only are the holidays upon us, but Chad and I have visitors! My sister and Chad’s brother are her to explore more of Thailand with us. What this means to us, is fun and adventure that we get to write about and share with you! Hooray!

Well, I guess I should stop getting side tracked and get on with my ‘Ask Jenny’ for this month! So here we go!

Today I am answering two questions that run in the same vein.

“Do you or Chad (or both) work in order to accommodate your amazing life style?
Also when Zoe starts school.. what will you do ? Where will it be? Will you settle abroad? Head ‘home’ ?
Oh and any more babies?”   From Journey2DFuture

 “When Zoe starts school what’s the plan? Will you home school? Will she go to school wherever you are? Or will you find a place to settle down? Or?” From MamaByFire

So, let me start at the beginning…As far as work goes, my job is mom, wife, travel blogger extraordinaire. Chad is the breadwinner of the family. He has written two books, one of which has been published on Amazon and is currently being re-edited and updated. He is also currently editing the second book in the series. He also is a IT independent contractor. Which to me, means he works with computer thingies. I know, it’s a pretty technical explanation, right?

My goal is that this blog will take off and maybe even go viral and then I can be the breadwinner for a bit. So feel free to share us, you can help me get there!

Now onto the second part of the question: As far as Z and her schooling… that is a question that remains to be answered as of yet, but we have some idea’s about what we might do.

If we were to live as expats, I would like to find a Waldorf school in the area. Or live in an area with a Waldorf school. This is for two reasons: 1) So that Z could be immersed in the local language, 2) Since she is an only child, and a very social little girl I want her to be stimulated and surrounded by other kids.

If we were to move back to America, we would most likely home school Z. The homeschooling community there is getting larger and more popular with each day. There are plenty of opportunities for socialization and learning nowadays, much more than when Chad and I were homeschooled.  So her being an only child won’t make as much of a difference there.

The only definite we KNOW about Z’s schooling is that we don’t want her in any school just yet. Right now she is just learning through play and life in general. Plus, I am not ready to let her go just yet. What would I do with my day? Maybe when she is 20.

We have no idea what the future holds at this point, everything is up in the air again in the beginning of the new year. But we aren’t really sure if we will settle down soon, or ever. We  love the vagabond life. It seems to suit us.

There is one thing that I definitely know for our future though… Z will be our one and only. She is everything I ever wanted in a child, she is funny, kind, generous (when her “mine” stages aren’t in full swing), and so smart. She melts my heart and makes me smile. I am happy.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have children? When did you choose to enroll them in school? Did you have a certain type of teaching that you felt was perfect for your family? Leave a comment and join in the conversation! 

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