Adventuring With an Over-Observer

My mom, Tammy, has kindly agreed to write some posts about her recent travels for us at And Three To Go! I am so excited! I have been traveling long-term for two years now and I sometimes feel that I have lost the newness and wonder of traveling, I just don’t notice as much. My mom still has that wonder and her writing is filled with humor and observations about things that I have never thought to think of. So here is her first post in her ‘Adventuring With an Over-Observer’ series! Enjoy!

Adventuring With an Over-Observer
I don’t travel nearly as much as my now grown children, but I’d like to think their extensive travels are due in part to our instilling a love of travel coupled with a parenting style that tried to encourage a spirit of adventure in each of them. (I’ve added this in case they want to send us on a fabulous vacation in thanks, but I digress…) In fact my kids have traveled much more than my husband, Hunter and I have, but we’re only slightly envious. :0) I must say, it is reading our oldest daughters blog And Three to Go that has really made me all the more curious of the variety of reasons, ways, and places people travel to.

Having said that, I have been incredibly blessed to do a fair amount of traveling as of late, but before I tell of those extraordinary adventures,  I’m compelled to share observations that bring a smirk to my face along with a curiosity as to whether others see them the same way.

And so I must write about one of my recent flights…

Key revelation that I think advertisers should take note of: While I think “boutique” is a lovely adjective for a B&B, home furnishings tea shop, or things of that nature, really, calling your air transportation “A Boutique Air Line” instills confidence in NO ONE.  Does “boutique air line” make you want to reserve your spot on a cute, homespun little plane?  Quite honestly had I not already been flying for 2 days and embarking on my 4th flight to finally arrive at my destination I may have bolted.

Excited to be boarding our “boutique” flight, we fairly skipped down the air ramp, happy that the final leg of our travels were soon to be underway. The skipping quickly turned to embarrassed confusion when we made a hairpin turn only to come upon a set of stairs leading to the tarmac and a bus?  What, were we driving across that last bit of ocean? Did someone build a bridge and I’d missed that as well? I buckled to peer pressure and boarded the bus. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss a bridge building across the ocean either. This bus did in fact lead to the airplane. Remind me to give you the mathematical equation demonstrating “the further the bus drives to get you to your plane corresponds directly with the reduction in size of your aircraft”.

Truthfully, there is some consternation when you arrive at your south-40 jet (I’ve decided it’s okay to call them that when they are smaller than some SUV’s), and your flight crew, or the local junior high on a career day field trip, is on the stairs, all 7 of them, taking selfies together and giggling. Seriously, I’m to trust my life to people taking sefies? I decided to take a chance since the Pilot and CoPilot were NOT on the stairs, well that and it was way to far to run to the terminal, if I could even find it. I decided to see it as wonderful that they so enjoyed their fellow coworkers.

Now I must leave you with a warning: Unless you really like being frisked by security, be cautious of behavior you think is normal, at least what you think is normal after being up all night. For example, I rapidly realized that not everyone finds it as hilarious when I imitate the funny little bird that bobs its head while crow hopping across the ground. Again, remember before you judge me, I had been traveling for two days and had already flown on three flights.  It may have been some sort of sleep walking episode when I chose to act out this snappy little bird dance and then laugh out loud in amusement at myself. It did make the time “fly” though. Hahahahahaha…oh, that’s bad, On that note I shall wrap up this insight into traveling with me and let you ponder if you’re up to joining me next time for travel tales featuring both Ireland and Thailand. Really, you should, look how much fun it is before we even board!

Soooooo I have to ask, what do you think of calling an airline “boutique”? Are you tempted to reenact things, aside from the Civil War of course? Have the flight crews gotten younger, or is it just me? Last but not least, have they built any bridges across an ocean that I haven’t heard about?

Until next time!



It’s me Jenny, thanks to my Mom for this awesome and fun post! I am so excited to read all about her travels and observations. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter for all the news and photos from our adventures!

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