A Grown-up Time Out in Bangkok-Night One

I had not been out in Bangkok at night in over ten years with Chad. It had been too long. Lucky for us, a needed trip to the Thai immigration and the appointment falling on my birthday, gave Chad and I the chance.

Since it was my birthday, we decided to make it an event. So what that we had to sit in the immigration office first thing in the morning on my birthday? Chad and I love fun and we were going to make it MASSIVELY FUN!

We hired our awesome babysitter, D, to fly with us up to Bangkok and we planned a couple of nights out on the town.  I know, I am one spoiled lady!

D had never been on a plane before, but she handled it like a champ and was a completely awesome help the whole two days we were in the busy and bustling capital of Thailand. She said she wants to fly everywhere and get her passport now! Travelers passing on the love of traveling… pretty amazing! I love it!

D about to take her first flight ever! We love her!
D about to take her first flight ever! We love her!

We had rented a nice apartment on airbnb.com and when we arrived were pleasantly surprised that there were 3 rooms instead of the posted 2, we got an upgrade apparently! Woo hoo, already a great start to my birthday trip.

That first night, we put Z to bed and Chad and I went out for a late dinner alone while D watched Z sleep.

Chad found a place to eat near our apartment on the Eatigo app. I have to take a second to talk about this app… it is awesome!

*Disclaimer, Eatigo did not sponsor this post or ask for a review, this is all personal opinion*

Eatigo is an app where you can search for restaurants you love or restaurants in your area and during certain times of the day, the restaurants offer discounts for their slowest times. We booked at table at Harvest in Bangkok at 9:30 p.m. and received 40% off our meal (excluding drinks). It was an incredible deal and there are so many like it on the app… seriously, check it out and see if they have one where you live or travel.

Now onto our incredible meal at Harvest. I admit, I was trying to be present with Chad on our first ever date night in Bangkok as parents, so I have no pictures… The phone was put deep in my purse. I will do my best to describe the fare we enjoyed. Make sure to check out their Facebook page for images of what they offer.

Harvest was within walking distance from our apartment. It was a warm clear night and a lovely night for a short walk.

Harvest is in a quiet little neighborhood surrounded by Japanese BBQ and Ramen places. It is really noticeable with its rustic look. Think upper class farm-to-table look. The tables, walls, stairs and chairs were all wood. The decorations were bundles of straw pinecones and tin watering cans. I know, it sounds like the craft area in a Dollar Tree, but I promise it is just my lack of descriptive skills.

Chad and I were sat right away by a lovely gentleman and we started perusing the menus. We of course started with some cocktails. There was a special that was buy two cocktails and get one free. I started out with a Passion of Steel which was made with vanilla vodka, watermelon puree, and Aperol. It was pretty good!

And I may have had two “Farmers Goods” with my dinner, yep actually I did have two and they were DELICIOUS! This drink was similar to a dark and stormy.

Chad and I decided to share a couple appetizers and a couple of mains so we could try more dishes. We ordered the beetroot salad, the warm salad, the macaroni and cheese, and the pork belly.

Let me start with the beetroot salad. The beets were perfectly prepared and soft enough to cut with a fork. The beets were mixed with rocket (arugula), walnuts, truffle vinaigrette and rocatta cheese. Each bite had so much tangy flavor I had a hard time sharing it!

The warm salad was a bunch of rustic organic veggies that were perfectly warmed. There were broccoli, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, ricotta cheese & pumpkin seeds served in a skillet. It was warm and toasty and fresh.


The pork belly was an appetizer. It was a little square of perfection. The pork belly was soft in the center and crispy on the outside. Chad and I savored each bite of this dish.

The Macaroni and cheese was served last and was a bubbling pool of pasta and who knows how many different kinds of cheese. It was so filling that we ended up taking half of it away. It was so good that we actually brought it back to Phuket to finish! It was good for two days after!

We finished our drinks, talked a bit with the manager of the restaurant about how much we enjoyed our meal and started our walk back to the apartment.

It was such a perfect first night of our trip. Next week I will be writing about the BIG night, my 37th birthday!

*Disclaimer again – None of the businesses I mentioned in this post have asked me to review them or have sponsored this post. I just love to share things I find that I love! All of the opinions are my own and if you want more information about the legal stuff check out my disclosure page.*

See you next week!


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