3 Fun Things To Do in Phuket During Rainy Season For Grown-Ups

It is rainy season here in Phuket, Thailand.



As the rain pours down today, It  made me think that it is the perfect time to write about 3 fun things to do in Phuket for Grown-ups during rainy season. I have written a couple of articles about things to do with kids: Kid-Friendly Things to Do on Rainy Days in Phuket and Rainy Day Games For Toddlers,  but admit it, sometimes, if you are parents, you just need to leave your little ones with a babysitter and sow your wild oats. And if you aren’t parents, then you can do this anytime and enjoy!

I will jump right in, because if you are parents, you don’t have a ton of time to read long introductions. And if you are not parents, you should be doing something more fun than reading a long introduction (and now my introduction is very long… my apologies).

3  Fun Things To Do in Phuket During Rainy Season For Grown-Ups


Go Out To Eat



There is nothing I love more than to find a good restaurant. I admit, I am not a person that enjoys cooking, despite my love of food. So eating out is my favorite thing to do. And eating out where I can concentrate on my food and my partner without having to play “Eye-Spy” for an hour is AWESOME!

There are some amazing places to eat here on the island and depending on what you want to eat and your price-range there is literally something for everyone.

I want to share a few of my current favorites:

Rustic Eatery and Bar

This restaurant located right on Patong beach is the only place I will eat in Patong. Nik makes the best homemade pasta, burgers, and pizza’s to be found. And Mook’s desserts, well, I can honestly say that I would probably gain 20 pounds if I lived closer to Rustic. Her macaroons, tarts, churros, and ice cream are to DIE FOR!

The restaurant is welcoming and the service is quick and efficient. If you are staying in Patong (or near it) make sure to check out Rustic.


I have written about Kopitiam before and am still in love with it. Their food is Thai with a Chinese flair and is simply delicious. Located in Phuket Town, it is on Thalang Road and is a great place to start out before walking around Old Town Phuket.

Taste Restaurant and Lounge

If you are near Surin Beach, on the northern part of the island of Phuket, you must try Taste Restaurant and Lounge. This restaurant has it all. Thai, Italian, Mexican… the list goes on. And they carry American craft beers and make lovely cocktails. They are open for lunch and dinner, and I highly recommend the fish tacos!

Kan Eang 2

This large outdoor Thai seafood restaurant in Chalong is my favorite in the area. It has a book for a menu and everything I have tried is delicious and fresh. The tables are right up to the beach and at night the feeling is fun, romantic, and beautiful. I would recommend the banana blossom salad for those wanting to try something new and amazing!

Go Get Some Drinks



No matter if you just want fruit shakes or craft beers or delicious cocktails, all can be found here in Phuket. There are open air restaurants on the beach, dark and dingy pubs, and craft beer bars among anything else you can think of.

Here a couple of my current favorite places to get some drinks:


Crafts and Co.

This craft beer bar has a beer or cider for any taste. The Old Town Phuket building on Yaowarat Road is warm and welcoming. The staff is helpful and cheerful. So go there and get some craft beer on draught or in bottles and sit and chat with the local craft beer lovers! (Note: They are closed on Tuesdays!)

Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is not just a hip name, it really is a rum distillery! This outdoor cocktail bar offers a plethora of cocktails using their own rum. The ambience is romantic and dreamy, an outdoor lounge surrounded by sugar cane fields. They are located in Chalong off of Parlai Road. This is the only place that I will order a cocktail and LOVE it!

Go to a Night Market


Of course you can take your child(ren) through the hot, crowded mazes of the night markets here in Phuket. BUT, if you really want to bargain shop and take your time browsing the “designer” handbags and clothing, souvenirs, and eating yummy street food, try going sans kids. I like the Naka Weekend Market which is located on Naka Road in Phuket Town, but there are so many to choose from and there will be one near you no matter what area of the island you are staying on.


So there you have it! Now you can come visit Phuket in any season and have tons to do that will be fun and entertaining (and possibly fattening).



(Disclaimer-none of the businesses above have asked me to write about them, I just love to share good times and all opinions are my own! Want more information, click here.)

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