Sunset on Surin Beach Phuket and my two favorite people.

Monday Montage: Thankful A Million Times Over

This week has been an awesome one. Even more awesome than my normally awesome life! Chad (my husband for those of you just joining this crazy life of ours) gave me a “moms night off” for my birthday. I spent a night in a resort in Phuket and pampered myself silly. It was much-needed, and so appreciated. Make sure to… Read more →


A Beautiful Meal at Suay Restaurant

Suay, meaning beautiful in Thai, is the perfect name for the quaint little culinary heaven that Chad and I went to recently. Located in Phuket Town, if you live in Phuket or are just visiting, I would highly suggest taking some time out to enjoy a meal at Suay. This restaurant is owned and operated by Chef Tammasak, who not… Read more →

A girl in the shadows

Monday Montage: Camera

I got a new camera for my birthday! It’s a Cannon point-and-shoot and fits easily in my purse, WOO HOO! This means that I have been trying it out and taking it with me everywhere. So far I am loving the ease with which I can take pictures and the quality of them. Now if I could just learn to take… Read more →

Let's start in the yard... that has grass (unless Jingle digs it all away). Z loves running around in it.

Our New House

I know I have mentioned in several posts now, that we recently moved to a different house here in Phuket. We have finally settled in (I think?!) and I am now ready to share our mess new house with you! Our old house had much that we loved (especially our amazing landlords, Todd and Jojo), but there are many reasons that… Read more →

This is how we transport floaties to our new house... on our scooter. It was really fun trying to hold them on the scooter while we were driving.

Monday Montage: Healthy

This month is just flying by, it is already almost over! My goodness, where does the time go? I will have more about what I have been up to in next weeks post, but right now  I am going to dive right into my post because I really want you to read about and follow my blog of the week!  … Read more →


Beaches of Phuket: Nai Harn

Who doesn’t love a long walk on the beach? Or a cool beer while listening to the waves lap the shore? Well, I guess it depends on the beach right? The beaches of Phuket are many, and one of the main reasons that we decided to settle on this sunny island. I was going through my posts recently when it… Read more →


Monday Montage: Help Needed

I am sad to say that this is another not-normal Monday Montage. Recently I posted about the horrible bombings in Bangkok and today I am writing about a terrible event that is presently happening in the area near where I grew up. California has been experiencing a devastating dry spell this past year. Lakes and rivers are drying up. Rain has been… Read more →


3 Tips for Moving to Thailand

It was our dream for many years to travel the world and then settle in Thailand. We did it. We traveled through Europe, Taiwan, and finally made it to Thailand after a year of being on the road. There are so many reasons to move to this amazing country, low cost-of-living expenses, delicious food, wonderfully balmy hot weather, and a… Read more →

In the past, USA Navy men would get an anchor tattoo when they had made it all the way around the world. When we went back to America for a visit last year, I earned my anchor.

Monday Montage: Tattoos, I Love You

I am not sure if I have written about my tattoos and my love of being tattooed and wanting more tattoos before… did I mention that I love that I have tattoos and want more. Oh yeah, I really do. Really really do. In fact I hope that someday I will be fully covered, minus my face and rear end, but… Read more →


The Post Where I Shamelessly Market Myself

I promised myself that I wouldn’t start this post off with “Have I got a deal for you!” but I guess that even in telling you this, I already have. Well, I guess I am not the best at marketing myself. Oops… For some time now I have been going on and on mentioning that I was ready to start my… Read more →

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