Wednesday Write-Up: Working Out

As my 35th birthday fast approaches, I have been feeling like I want to be a healthier, stronger, and happier Jenny.
I wrote a post a while back about Promises that I was making to myself. One of them was that I wanted to get into a fitness routine.  I finally feel like I have done it, or are doing it… however I am supposed to say it, I am finally doing it! I have been working out regularly for about three months now. This is almost a miracle, I haven’t been this excited about exercising since I was in my very early 20′s. I am so excited!
Before this new found determination (turning 35 is kicking my butt in gear) I had taken long hikes and yoga classes here and there, but while I was visiting California this year I got hardcore. Ok, well hardcore for me. I started jogging 20 minutes a day. For being a person that was definitely NOT a jogger, it was a huge step (no pun intended).

Look at me, all fashionable when I work out. Okay, maybe not...

Look at me, all fashionable when I work out. Okay, maybe not…

Now that we are back in Thailand, it can get a bit hot to jog during the day when I am able to get out of the house child free. Lucky for me, we have a neighborhood exercise park that has a stationary bike in the shade! So now I ride the bike for 20 minutes a day 5 days a week, and then do some of the muscle toning machines concentrating on my thighs and triceps. Will I ever get rid of the swinging arms? Hopefully. I can see it in my future. The best part is I get to work out in a gym for FREE! Granted it sometimes feels like I am biking in a sauna, but the extra sweat makes me feel like I worked out extra hard. And I get to work on my tan, I just can’t lose in this situation. Well, except maybe inches and pounds.

My bicycle in the shade.

My bicycle in the shade.

My free gym.

My free gym.

So as my birthday approaches, I am not only looking forward to ice-cream cake and presents, I am looking to being a better Jenny for the next 35 plus years.

What do you do to exercise? Do you love to move and feel the rush of fitness? Leave a comment and tell me! We can encourage and support each other.

Monday Montage: One

I have just one photo for you today. Yep, just one!
We are currently traveling around southern Thailand and enjoying our time as a family.
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This is a picture taken from Railay Beach off the coast of Krabi, Thailand. (I will be writing a post about our time in Krabi on Friday.)

Happy Monday and see you on Wednesday!

Rainy Day Games For Toddlers

It’s been raining a bit here in Phuket, so we have not done much in the last few days. Well, except keep our daughter, Zoë, occupied as best we can. I decided to write about how I have been keeping her entertained lately. Maybe some of these games will seem fun to you and your little ones and you can spend massive amounts of time playing them like we do. I love my kid more than my own life, but playing with a 3-year-old 10-12 hours a day… well, what can I say, it can be a bit tough.

So without further hesitation, here are the

Rainy Day Games that Zoë and I Are Playing This Week:

1. Sleeping Booty

Named for the adorable way that Z says Sleeping Beauty, this game merely consists of us taking turns being Sleeping Beauty or Prince Charming. Prince Charming wears a dish towel cape and runs around the house while Sleeping Booty lays in my (usually freshly made) bed and “sleeps.” Then Prince Charming kisses Sleeping Booty on the hand and she wakes up. We switch characters and do this over and over and over… again. And each time I am the lucky one that gets to lay in bed and “act” like I’m sleeping I am told that her name is Sleeping Booty, not Aurora, she tells me this each time we switch characters. She must really think I did lose half my brain when I had her.

2. Shopper/Shopkeeper

In this game, we pick different types of toys and household items to sell to each other. One of us will be the shopkeeper and the other will be the shopper-shopper (she doubles words for labels most of the time, cat cat, etc.).  The shopper-shopper has to count out the correct amount of coins to pay for the goods that she is buying. We take turns being the shopkeeper and shopper. Oh, and you must have one bag for each item bought. That is Z’s rule for the game.

This game is actually an excellent way to enhance a toddlers ability to count . Zoë is 3 years old and we are working on some very basic addition and subtraction using the counting of the coins to pay.


3. Superhero

This involves one person (usually me) in some sort of life-threatening peril (like my leg falling off the chair or something) and calling for help from the “Superhero”. To be the superhero you MUST wear a dish towel cape and cry out, “I will rescue you!” when the yell for help is heard.

4. Time for The Show!

Zoë is a natural little actress and a director as well. She loves to be the center of attention and loves to tell one how to put on a show. This game consists of us taking turns being the dancer/actor/storyteller and the other being the wildly applauding  crowd.  The only rules are that the “Crowd” must clap and cheer, and the dancer/actor/storyteller must start the show with an introduction. The louder all of this is, the better.


What games do you play on rainy days with your toddler?  Leave a comment and let me know so I can steal the games and widen Z and I’s creative play time. :) Thanks!



Monday Montage: Mute Muse

My muse seems to be avoiding me this evening.  Maybe it’s because I had pizza for dinner and now feel like a blob (a good possibility). Or, maybe it’s because of the issue with our future here in Thailand weighing heavily on my mind, although I don’t think that’s the reason.  I feel pretty calm about that actually. God has given me peace about our next steps that definitely passes my understanding. Must be the pizza.

I still am looking for people that would like to do a Monday Montage guest post. If you are interested,  I would love learn about the area of the world where you live! Please contact me here and we can set it up.

Oh, wait! I do have one thing I want to write about, a cute kid story!

This morning I was talking to Zoë, (in case you are new to my blog, she is my 3-year-old daughter) when all of a sudden she says, “Mommy, when I came out of your tummy I cried like a baby. And I took half your brain, too. I’m sorry I took half your brain.”  All this said with the utmost sincerity and love.  Apparently, she is picking up on my jokes that I have told others that she took my brain when she was born. Some people say baby girls steal your beauty, well she took my brain, too. My memory is gone and I cannot seem to complete sentences, let alone conversations… Wait, what’s a conversation again? Anyways, I couldn’t stop laughing. I guess now is a good time to start guarding what I say around and to her.

Alright, now for my Monday Montage this week. I am trying some different formatting for the pictures, so let me know if you like the frames or not. Thanks again for reading and bearing with my mute muse today. I hope my pictures make up for it.

Big Buddha from the back.

Big Buddha from the back.

The view from the bathrooms at Big Buddha. Gorgeous!

The view from the bathrooms at Big Buddha. Gorgeous!

A village down below.

A village down below.

My gym. Our neighborhood has work out equipment in a park nearby. I get to work out for free! And in the heat... extra sweating!

My gym. Our neighborhood has work out equipment in a park nearby. I get to work out for free! And in the heat… hooray for extra sweating!


Z has been really into taking everyones picture lately. This was one of me while I was sweeping the floor this morning. Not bad for a 3 year old.

Z has been really into taking everyones picture lately. This was one of me while I was sweeping the floor this morning. Not bad for a 3 year old.