Tasty Tom Yum

There are definite benefits to living in Phuket, Thailand besides beautiful beaches, the tropical climate, or the laid back “mai pen rai” attitude. The best part of living in Thailand is the FOOD! I have felt that there was little reason to make Thai food at home as the restaurants in the area could make it faster and cheaper than… Read more →


3 Reasons I Love Lisbon

It has been TWO YEARS (!!!!)  since we started on our travels and said good-bye to the good ol’ US of A. I feel so blessed to be able to see more of this amazing earth that we inhabit, but there was one place that has stuck with me and I still miss – Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon was the first European stop on… Read more →


Monday Montage: Easter

This past Sunday was Easter and we literally hung out in the house most the day and relaxed. We did eventually venture out only to get amazing coffee at our favorite coffee place in the area and then I went to the Naka Weekend Market to grab take-out for dinner! Yep, we chowed down on delicious Thai fare for Easter Dinner.We… Read more →

My 15 minutes of fame is here!

15 Minutes

There  is an old cliché is that everyone gets 15 minutes of fame in their life. Well, I am getting my 15 minutes now . . . I think. Recently, I wrote about being interviewed for a magazine about this blog(!!!), and this month the article was published! You can check it out here. Yep, it’s pretty awesome! I really need… Read more →


Monday Montage: New

Well, here it is! You may have noticed our new look in last Friday’s post about a cat café here in Phuket, I hope that you like it! I was surprised how easy it was to switch over to the new theme after I had stressed about it so much. There were many things that I had to do to get… Read more →


Calling all Cat Lovers: An Afternoon at the B Cat Café

Missing your cat while you are here in Phuket on holiday? Feel like you want to play with cute kitties while you snack? Well, then you must visit the B Cat Café in Phuket Town! I admit, I have never been a lover of cats. To be honest, I have always been a little scared of them, mostly because my mom… Read more →


Monday Montage: Caffeine and Dragging Feet

Monday, Monday, Monday. We have had a visitor this past weekend and had such an excellent time that I am now exhausted. I sure do miss being able to sleep in sometimes, being woken at 6:30am after staying up (stupidly) until 1 a.m. makes for a day filled with caffeinated drinks and dragging feet.  But that’s enough of kicking myself… Read more →


More than a Meal at Phuket Fish Market Restaurant

There is only one thing that I love more than having a delicious meal, and that is having a delicious meal while belting out awesome songs in a karaoke room! I finally found this at Phuket Fish Market Restaurant right near where I live in Phuket! A month or so ago, I was out with a good friend and after… Read more →


Monday Montage: Feeling the Heat

It has been hot, hot, hot here in Phuket this week and I have been loving it! We have been feeling the heat, but the evenings have been absolutely lovely. We have done much this week that I am planning on writing about, so stay tuned! We had pictures taken last week for the upcoming article that I was interviewed… Read more →

One of the shows at the Walking Street.

Phuket Town’s Sunday Walking Street

Every Sunday, Thalang Street in Phuket Town closes to automobiles and motorbikes and becomes a Walking Street (night market). It’s official name is Lard Yai (หลาดใหญ่). It is one of the things that we do often, and talk about enough, that a few of our friends have asked us to write about it. So here it is! Entering Old Town in Phuket Town is… Read more →

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